I am suffering

Suffering in this great pool of confusion

Lost in translating emotional mannerisms

I am suffering

Caught in the great storm of swirling tongues and misty eyes

Suffering in the worst way imaginable

The kind of pain the holds your hope hostage in another dimension

So unimaginable I can’t remember the way back to happiness or you

 I am suffering

Suffering in a supernova, hotter and brighter then you

Cause I’ve got the blues and I cant feel my soul anymore

The rhythm that we had so long ago has given way to the pitter patter of raindrops

On wooden windowsills in November.

The love we held so dear has made its own imaginary divorce from itself in hopes of predicting the future.

I am suffering like we all suffer some time or another

Suffering like we need to, so that we know how connected we are to existence and self realization.

Suffering makes us know our creator I guess, as everything that passes from the gates of the spirit world are made to suffer

I guess I have found my way back to happiness after all

Through the archway of suffering and you are the key

I am suffering and I need to

Suffering for the chance to see hope and happiness again

The reason we exist at all

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